Similar to the Google Analytics code the Facebook tracking pixel will give you valuable insights about your website visitors. The longer you have this set up the more data you will collect and the more advantage you have for any future Facebook advertising.


What is the Facebook pixel?

While the name probably lets you to believe that the Facebook pixel is some sort of little image that is placed on a website, it is rather an invisible piece of code with your account id that is added to the backend of your site.

When somebody now visits your website, this code will send valuable information back to Facebook. Depending on the Facebook pixel events that you have set up this could be anything from registering or your newsletter, checking out your products or making a purchase.

With all the data that Facebook has about all of their users, they can form a detailed picture of the kinds of people that have shown interest in your offers.


Why is this useful?

In your Facebook business manager you will find all the data coming in for your Facebook pixel analysis. You could think about setting up Facebook retargeting ads, which means that you would show ads to the people that visited your website to remind them to come back again. You can structure this very granular according to your Facebook pixel custom events to show different ads to people that added something to their cart but didn’t go through the checkout and show them a discount for example. Or show another set of ads to the people that recently purchased from you to show them other products they may like. The possibilities of Facebook pixel conversion tracking are endless.

Even if you don’t currently plan to run any Facebook ads it is always beneficial to collect data on your pixel. This will make your advertising in the future a lot easier than starting from scratch. You can collect all this information for free and without any effort apart from installing the pixel for once.


How do I create my Facebook pixel tracking code?

You can create your pixel in your Facebook ad account. Watch this youtube video to see how.


How to install the Facebook pixel?

If you have a WordPress website you can install a WordPress Facebook pixel plugin like ‘Pixel my Site’ and just enter your pixel ID.

If you need to add the Facebook pixel to your Shopify site, there is a field for your ID in the Shopify General Settings.


How to check if the setup is correct

Double check that your pixel is working and tracking all the event you need. I recommend to download the Google Chrome browser ‘Facebook Pixel Helper‘ extension to see if the pixel is installed and the events are firing. Don’t forget to also have a look in your Facebook ad account backend to see if the events are showing.

Why you need a Facebook pixel - even if you're not running ads

Why you need a Facebook pixel – even if you’re not running ads

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