Case Studies & Testimonials

Increased sales, increased revenue and happy clients.

Before we started working together I was reluctant to use Facebook ads because I felt that every time I set up a Facebook ad or boosted a post, all I did was spend money without any return of investment. You helped me test my audience and learn what they respond to, something I had never done before. I have been getting consistent sales in every month since we started! You’ve really helped me out massively and I can’t thank you enough. I have renewed energy because things are happening and changing for the better.

Lieke Daams, EUR Equestrian



200% Subscriber Growth in 1.5 weeks

The brand sells sustainably produced designer bikinis and beachwear online. The goal was to increase their email subscriber list for a longterm content marketing strategy.

Before Facebook Ads:

The Client had run Facebook Ads on and off before, but without strategy and therefore couldn’t analyse what was working and what was not. We suggest to always change one factor at a time to be able to split test and determine what made the difference.

What was most important for the success of the campaigns:

We didn’t have too much pixel data to work with, so we started with testing different audiences and soon found that an audience that the brand had never advertised to was actually responding even better to the ads, so that we achieved a stunning 3.62% Click-Through-Rate to a cold audience (normally around 1%) and increased the subscriber list by over 200% within 2 weeks of running ads.