Targeted, personal and relevant is how we expect brands to communicate with customers in this day and age. Some one for all approach doesn’t cut it anymore. Luckily the extensive targeting options available and collected information about us (Thanks Facebook) make that possible.

Have you been offered a service, that you had no interest or need for? But if you see an ad of a service that you were looking for everywhere, it’s a different story right?

Reaching the right person in the right moment is the key and the specialised targeting options of Facebook help to only show relevant content and ads for all of us.

Some years ago I started my lifetime dream of owning my own beachwear label. I created a collection of beautiful, high quality designs made from mostly organic fabric and recycled ocean plastic and openend my online shop. And what happened?

Just nothing! I had spent 100% of time and budget on creating the product and completely neglected putting any thought into marketing. Since then I have seen a huge amount of businesses with the most amazing products and services doing the same thing. Business plans with a monthly marketing budget of $200 and completely unrealistic expectations of how long it takes to build a customer base.

I quickly realised that Facebook advertising was one of the most cost effective ways to tell people about your business, but I also found that I had not much of an idea what I was doing with my campaigns. I didn’t have any structure, funnels or background knowledge of the algorithm. So I went deep into studying everything I could about Facebook Ads and still do as this machine is evolving non-stop, which also keeps it exciting.

My goal is to use what I learned and help conscious businesses with great products and services to reach more of the right audience for them to grow their impact with the power of Facebook Ads.

Whether you’re just taking your first step into the world of Facebook advertising or you’re looking to learn how to run campaigns for yourself, or you want to outsource your Facebook marketing and focus on your zone of genius, let’s see how we can help you!